Frances Rash coordinates nursery care for infants up to "potty trained" during Sunday school, morning worship and evening worship.  When children are 3 years old, they may graduate to the Preschool Class and Extended Sessions if they are potty trained.


Preschool and Kindergarten are a combined class taught by Mrs. Beth Adams (Director/Teacher) using Bible stories, crafts and guided play time. Students in this class are either picked up by their parents at the end of Sunday School or taken (by the teachers) into the Extended Session room for the worship hour.


This combined class includes children in grades 1 through 5. The class is taught by Mary Luce with assistance by Donna Dowell, Charlotte Surratt, and Greg Luce. Students have approximately half an hour of Bible lessons and then engage in memory work, review activities, and crafts. Following this class, children join up with their parents or guardians to go to worship. Children in this age group may leave worship during the Offering to attend Children's Church on weeks that it is scheduled.