Who We Are

Mill Creek Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist Church and adheres to the Baptist Faith and Message document adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention in 2000.

Established in 1797, Mill Creek has a rich history.  We have always welcomed people from all walks of life.  church backgrounds, and cultural heritages and worked together to serve the Lord according to His vision for us.  

Mill Creek has a warm and friendly church family with a genuine care for people and a sincere interest in ministering to your needs as you serve the Lord with us!  We hope you will receive a blessing here.

OUr history

The cornerstone of our sanctuary proudly proclaims MCBC was established in 1797, however later research reveals the church was organized in 1782.  The first structure used by the congregation constructed in the spring of 1783 resembled the one illustrated in history, only slightly larger.  Secular histories published over the years, and remaining foundation stones, identify the late 1700's location of the church at the present day Lincoln Memorial Cemetery on FT. Knox overlooking the flowing waters of Mill Creek.  This early congregation included Bathsheba Lincoln, Grandmother of the President, who is buried in the old church cemetery.  Her funeral was preached in 1831 by Mill Creek's minister Rev., Jacob Rogers.

In those early years the little log church was located in two states, three counties and with the ratification of the U.S. Constitution in 1791 joined a new nation, without moving one foot from this location.

From its initial foundation until approximately 1806, the church served as the area "meeting house" for both Baptist and Methodist residents in the area.  Services were held on a monthly basis by circuit riding ministers of the Salt River district.  In 1806, Mill Creek called its first full time minister Rev., Shadrack Brown and had a membership of 12 on the official rolls, though certainly more than that attended.  By 1812 Rev Brown had grown the membership rolls tenfold to 120.  Shortly after that almost half the membership was dismissed to establish the Otter Creek Baptist Church located on a hill overlooking present day Camp Carlson at Ft. Knox.  Members from MCBC were influential in the forming of at least 11 churches in the Northern Hardin County area including Mount Zion, New Hope and Stithton Baptist Church.

Just prior to the Civil War the church moved to another rural location a few miles to the north.  A third move in 1883, became more permanent, bringing the congregation to its current location.  This decision was fortunate because MCBC avoided the fate of being consumed by Ft. Knox which befell so many of the other early churches in our area.  The 1883 church house was a simple white frame construction built at a cost of $662, on a two acre lot donated by two community minded members.  The two acres also allowed room for the establishment of the present cemetery.  A replacement brick church, presently used as office space, was constructed in 1937 for approximately $2000.  That in itself was no small feat using depression era dollars.  The cemetery was expanded to include the land previously occupied by the white frame building.

The 1937 brick building was the first to have a baptistery.  Prior to its construction, baptisms were conducted either in Mill Creek itself, or the the Shelton pond in Radcliff.  Older church members recalled the dedication of these pioneers who found it was necessary to break the ice on the Shelton pond in the winter, prior to conducting baptism services.

As the years passed and the congregation grew with more frequent meetings, various expansions occurred.  The parsonage was built in 1953, and additional land was purchased allowing the construction of an educational building in 1965 and the present sanctuary in 1970.

Growth and dedication of the congregation in the last few years, positions MCBC as a vital member of the Radcliff - Ft. Knox community, serving the religious needs of a varied and robust population.